Aviator in Lopebet India ᐈ Game Review and Bonuses

Aviator is a new social crash game designed for different users who like to play slot machines for money for any amount online, consisting of a curve that is constantly increasing, but can fall at any time. When the round starts, the multiplier scale starts to grow. The player must cash out the money before the plane takes off.

The plot of the Aviator slot machine at Lopebet Casino

Play Aviator Online at LopeBet casinoPlaying the airplane for money in the casino means guessing the moment when the plane will fly from the main screen in time. As the plane accelerates, the coefficient constantly increases, so the player should try to press the appropriate button in time.

Online slot Aviator is:

  • original gameplay and intuitive interface;
  • modern design;
  • high percentage of return;
  • live chat with other users.

Interface and design of the slot

The Aviator slot machine at Lopebet Casino attracts with a simple and intuitive interface The control panel, which is immediately noticeable, is located below the main playing field. There are several buttons on the control panel:

  • Bets item. By default, a certain amount is set, depending on which currency is used for the game. To change the amount by tenths up or down, you need to use the “+” and “-” buttons.
  • Auto. The player can immediately set the automatic amount of risk – there is no need to adjust it for each session. You only need to click on the “Bet” and “Withdraw” buttons.
  • Button “Bet”. After the player clicks on this button, the system accepts the player’s request. After the round has started, the inscription changes to another one – “Withdraw”.

Play Aviator at Lopebet Casino

How to play?

If you don’t know how to play Aviator at Lopebet casino, then follow these instructions.

  1. You need to wait for a new round and make a bet, or even two at the same time.
  2. After the plane starts flying, the bet starts multiplying. Multiplication can go up to 300 or 1000 times, or it can stop almost immediately. The player’s task is to press the cash out button before the plane flies to collect his winnings!

The player has the right to make two bets on the plane at once to take the first part of the winnings, for example, when the plane has reached 3x, and the second bet to cash out, after the plane has reached 9x, multiplying your bet by 9 times.

The aviator game is interesting because everything is very simple. Much depends on luck, because the plane can accelerate quickly and give a coefficient of x1.5, or stay on the strip and increase the multiplier to x100. It all depends on the luck and excitement of the user, because he can constantly stop the growth at a minimum value or take risks and wait for big wins.

Can I play in demo mode?

There is a demo game “Aviator” without registration Lope bet India and authorization on the site, but there is a chance to win only when you replenish your account and play for real money. The slot belongs to the category of “slot machines from 1 hryvnia”. In the demo version, you can evaluate the different strategies available to users for free. You can get acquainted with them on the forums where others share their results. In the demo version you can evaluate the functionality and features of the slot. The money won cannot be withdrawn to the card or by other means.

Aviator demo version at LopeBet

Aviator game strategy

Numerous strategies and tricks in Aviator game help fans of excitement to win more often and get maximum pleasure. At the same time, each strategy gives different results and differs in complexity.

  • The first strategy – it is the most difficult, but at the same time quite profitable. To use this strategy, you should enter the history of coefficients and find the last indicator x100+. At the time of this result, add one hour and make two bets at the same time – the first x35-40, and the second x100. The principle of this strategy is as simple as possible – the Aviator has a win of x100 every hour and a half, so you need to place bets on the plane in this time interval. A bet that is taken at a coefficient of 35-40x allows you to keep the balance at the same level. And the other allows you to earn. This tactic is based on mathematical expectation and is the most profitable for win 2021.
  • The second strategy is quite simple, so it is suitable even for beginners. Its essence is that it is necessary to withdraw money in the range from 1.1 to 1.4. Having familiarized yourself with the history of flights, you can see that the plane rarely flies further than these coefficients. Therefore, the game at a distance will definitely allow you to get a plus.
  • The third strategy is similar to the second one, but it takes a little more time, and the winnings are bigger. The player must wait for a series of x1-1.8 to appear and hold up to 10 times in a row. Next, you need to make 2 plane bets, the size of which should be the same. The closing should be in the range of x5-15. Important! To use this method, the bankroll must have at least 100 bets.
  • The fourth strategy. The bet should be 1% of the balance. When the plane reaches the coefficient of 1.5, you need to take the money. In case of loss, we put on the next game more than enough percent to cover the previous minus. ATTENTION! If you stay in the red more than 3 times, you should wait 7-10 minutes and start again.

Do not forget that any Aviator schemes, tricks, secrets are not a guarantee of victory, it is only a chance to increase the probability of winning.

Aviator game display at the Lopebet India

How to win at Aviator at Lopebet casino?

How to play Aviator to win? This question is asked by almost all users. As there are many questions about how to win at Aviator in a casino Lope bet, you can increase your own chances with the help of additional bonuses offered:

  • Bonus round. This bonus opens when three scatters appear on the screen. As a bonus, the gambler receives 15 free spins of the slot.
  • Another opportunity to get additional bonuses is the risk game. The player finds himself in a hangar with two planes, one of which is broken. The task is to guess the one that will start. With a successful result, the points are doubled.

Regular players share strategies, give good advice and just have fun.

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