Responsible play

Gambling is always associated with a certain risk. Some casino players, who cannot stop in time, lose large sums, due to which their psychological state and financial situation suffers. It is for this reason that responsible gambling is developed. This is a concept that is based on a thoughtful and balanced decision while playing the slots. Lopebet (online casino) takes care of its players and ensures the conditions and principles of responsible gambling. There are several principles that every player should adhere to.

Before you play on the machines, the user must choose a casino. It must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a license, a certificate, an impeccable reputation, not to be spotted in fraudulent schemes.
  • Use only high-quality software developed by proven manufacturers.
  • Guarantee complete safety of the player’s data entered.
  • Quickly credit the account and withdraw funds. Optimal time to withdraw the winnings – 3 days.
  • Offer a round the clock support service. The support team should answer all user questions, solve problems related to the game and financial moments.
  • Have positive feedback from the players.

You can register and play in the casino after the player is convinced of the honesty, loyalty also for convenience, the user can download the application and play regardless of the place.

Additional factor of responsible gaming – playing only with personal money

The gambler must make bets, taking into account their own financial capabilities. It is categorically forbidden to take loans, loans, borrow money from friends or relatives, hoping to win back. If a player is in this position – it is a sure sign that he will lose all the money.

Almost every gambler does not perceive credit funds as his own, so he spends them easily and rashly.

Loss Control

Before you play gambling, the gambler is advised to understand how much money he is willing to sacrifice. It is necessary to set a certain limit, without exceeding it under any circumstances. Even if the player starts to win, and he wants to increase his winnings.

The rules of the responsible game – sobriety of mind and a good mood

Going to the casino should be in a good mood. One should not consider a virtual site as a remedy for depression or as a main source of income, even if a player often wins. The main purpose of a virtual club is to entertain and provide pleasure. To more easily accept losses and wins, it is recommended to adjust psychologically.

Gambling can only be played with a sober head. Such prudence will allow the gambler to really assess their chances of success, to control the loss or gain, to avoid risk or temptation to issue a quick loan, to win back.

Responsible casino play

Many virtual clubs help visitors to play more responsibly. A virtual site focuses its efforts on making sure that gamblers enjoy the game, treating it responsibly.

A visitor to the club can block his account forever or for a certain period of time. This point is part of the concept of responsible gaming. Many clubs have an option that allows you to limit the amount of the deposit. If the visitor has spent all the money on the balance, the game for money will stop, because he will be able to replenish the account after a while.

Thanks to the history of losses and winnings, the user will always be aware of how much he lost or won for a particular period of time. This is an excellent psychological technique, which in many cases persuades the gambler to play more.

Some virtual clubs have a function Reality Checks. If you activate it, the player will receive a reminder at a certain period of time, for example, every hour. So the gambler can control the time spent on the game.

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