Terms of use

The list of conditions, rules and requirements of the website Lopebet casino represents the agreement between Casino and the user. If the bettor continues to use the services of the office, he agrees with all the rules and requirements. If a visitor does not agree with some points, it is recommended to leave the site. Only adult users can visit the institution.

Introduction casino is a system with its own domain name. The site uses the following terms:

  1. Bettor – a guest of the institution who uses the service.
  2. Deposit – money that has been credited to an individual account.
  3. Account – opens in the name of the visitor during registration. Any financial operations are carried out through it.
  4. Winning – the transfer of a certain amount to the player’s account after the implementation of betting activities.
  5. Login, password – the data specified by the visitor during registration.
  6. Withdrawal – a financial operation during which the funds are deducted from the account.

Subject of the agreement

The subject of the agreement is to regulate the relationship between the user and Lopebet casino in part relating to the order of services, the implementation of financial transactions with virtual or real money.

General Provisions

  1. The account is opened at a single physical address.
  2. Only adult persons may visit the virtual institution.
  3. Betting is available only after the user passes the registration procedure. He must have a positive balance, which will change with the bets.
  4. Entering incorrect personal data, which includes full name, bank cards, is regarded as an attempt to cheat and illegally dispose of money that does not belong to the user.
  5. Registration of several accounts may lead to the blocking of all created accounts.
  6. The visitor does not have the right to provide information for logging in to a personal account to third parties. If he found out that the account was used by third parties, he must inform the site staff within 24 hours.
  7. The minimum deposit amounts to 25 UAH.
  8. Term of the withdrawal of winnings depends on the selected method. The maximum term – 3 days.
  9. When withdrawing a large sum of money by a newcomer, the administration has the right to request a verification of identity.

Participation in Lope bet casino

  • All responsibility for the financial risks associated with betting with real money is on the user.
  • The administration has the right not to pay out winnings if they were received due to errors in the software. If the administration has doubts about the winnings, it may temporarily block the user’s account. Login to the cabinet will be available after the technical check.
  • The administration may cancel the application for withdrawal of funds if the bettor did not specify the data of the payment system. In this case, the money is returned to the account.
  • The party that is responsible for the legal use of the service is the bettor. In his actions he must adhere to the laws of his country.
  • If the user has not confirmed his age, that is, has not indicated that he is of legal age, his profile is blocked automatically.
  • Applications that have been submitted for withdrawal of funds are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If fraud is detected, the administration has the right to block the account, cancelling all his payments.
  • If a bettor has been paid out as a result of fraudulent activity of third parties, the administration reserves the right to file a complaint to the appropriate authorities.
  • Withdrawal is made in the same currency in which the deposit was made.
  • The institution is not responsible for incorrect entry by the visitor details during withdrawal, the rules, conditions, not observed by the visitor.
  • The administration of the institution has the right to make some changes in the general rules and conditions without necessarily informing users.
  • If users have questions that relate to financial transactions, incomprehensible interpretations of the rules, they can contact the email address [email protected].

Responsible use

The content of the site is intended for adult users only. The bettor assumes the responsibility to protect the created personal account.

  • It is not recommended to enter the site from a computer or other public device, for example, at work, in a gambling club.
  • Do not leave the window with the office application open in the presence of minors and children.
  • For protection, you can install a special program that will block access to the banned site.

Responsibility for complying with the rules lies solely on the visitor.

Generally accepted betting rules

  • You can bet on events that are in the line of the BC.
  • After betting, the odds do not change, even if in the future its size has increased or decreased.
  • Transactions are considered valid if they were made before the start of the match. The exception – Live games.
  • Butter cannot cancel a bet. Grounds for cancellation: suspicious nature of a sporting event, bet refund at odds of 1.
  • Bets are calculated taking into account official sources of information.
999*** 16614 ₹
leo*** 36000 ₹
ner*** 23004 ₹
loa*** 11300 ₹
pla*** 34004 ₹