Cookie Policy

Lope bet casino uses cookies. They are necessary for the virtual site to provide a full range of functions, to understand customer preferences, to make the club faster, and its use – more convenient.

What are cookie-cookies

A cookie is also called a pixel or similar technology. It is a small file or certain information that is stored on your PC or other device when you visit a site. This file allows the player’s actions and preferences to be remembered. Thanks to such a file, the Lopebet Casino login is remembered, which allows you not to enter it all the time.

How to manage files

The user can change the use of cookies independently in the settings of the browser he uses. Almost all browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google) provide complete instructions, which describe how the files work, how to manage them, the peculiarities of disabling them.

How the casino uses cookies

The virtual site uses a cookie to collect non-individual static information. This is the time the user spends to read the information on the page, which promotional banners are most in demand. Such technologies improve the site so that the visitor is more comfortable with them. Almost all browsers have automatic file access. If the user wants to change settings or delete files, he should read the instructions. But deleting cookies or undoing them can affect the operation of the site, some of its functions and features. By visiting and registering on the site, the player gives his consent to the use of cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of text information. Her casino site sends to the hard disk of a PC or other device. The purpose is to collect information.

Data that collects cookies do not give out personal information about the customer. These files allow them to provide the user with content that may be of interest to him. Cookies are used for website improvements, analytics, marketing purposes.

The casino has the right to combine the information obtained with cookies and the data received during the registration of the account.

If the user decides to delete cookies in the browser, any customization settings set will be canceled. The deletion of cookies often results in the cancellation of customized opt-outs on other sites, such as unsubscribing, newsletter information. Thus, the content offered on the site will become less interesting, individualized.

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